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Keith DiPrima


About Keith DiPrima

Keith DiPrima is a business owner, retired hockey player, and entrepreneur based in Weddington, NC. His business is family-owned and operated, showcasing Keith’s focus on his family above all else. 

The family business, First Restoration America, launched in the Charlotte Metro area in 2010. With Keith DiPrima in charge, First Restoration America offers homes and businesses restoration and recovery services following accidents and damages. Along with offering various services, Keith and his family are willing to work with insurance companies. This includes fighting for coverage for their clients and doing everything possible to get the job done right. 

Since First Restoration America is entirely family-run, they are sympathetic to the plights of families and small businesses during these trying times. As such, they do everything they can to provide the best services possible. This includes experimenting with and implementing new technology, such as modern estimation software and structural drying tech. While it may not sound like much, this technology helps give First Restoration America a leg up when finding new and effective solutions to these problems. Keith DiPrima has been a driving force behind implementing this technology, as he doesn’t want the company to stagnate. This is a lesson all business owners should be willing to learn, as adaptability can make or break a business.

Before settling down with First Restoration America, Keith DiPrima was a professional hockey player. However, it would be more accurate to say that hockey will always be a significant part of Keith’s life, even when he isn’t playing professionally. He was a member of the Empire State Legends and played on the world stage and professional inline. Believe it or not, hockey taught Keith DiPrima much about running a business. Being on a hockey team is like being part of a family – they have to work together, support each other, and work toward their goals as a community. Keith took these lessons with him when he started the family business. It is part of the reason for his success in life.

Given Keith DiPrima’s professional history, it should be no surprise to learn that Keith is a family man. His friends and family will always come first in life. They motivate him to be a better person and have taught him countless life lessons over the years. For example, they have helped him understand the importance of helping those in need. As such, Keith DiPrima believes that we should always strive to support one another, especially our friends and family. 

On a more personal note, Keith DiPrima has been married for over twenty-four years. That’s one year longer than he has been in business, showing how tightly the two are interconnected in Keith’s life. While some experts may tell you never to mix family and business, Keith has found the opposite true. The simple truth is that there’s no hard and fast rule in life or business. You have to find the right balance and opportunities for yourself.

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